Understanding the Process of Backflow Prevention

When water pressure in the plumbing system drops below the actual water supply, backflow happens. The water supply inside the water pipes begins to flow the wrong way and it mixes with dirt and other sources of pollution. The water becomes polluted and can no longer be consumed. Backflows can get very agitating, which is the very reason why they should be avoided all the time. There are many plumbing techniques that can prevent backflows from happening. However, these techniques can only be executed by a professional plumber.

Most plumbing companies consider backflows as products of poor plumbing system installation. Although there are natural factors that can result to backflows, most causes of backflows are usually man-made errors. If you have experienced backflow in the plumbing system in your home, you should consider getting a new plumber. Professional plumbers will assess your home’s plumbing system and check for any possible backflow outcome. Needed renovation may be needed depending on their assessment. Most plumbers create an air gap on some parts of the plumbing system to prevent backflow in the water pipes.

A plumber will be able to know exactly where he needs to strategically place them in your plumbing system and to determine where there is a possible risk of unclean fluids entering your water supply. If your backflow preventer system is correctly installed you can rest assured that dirty water will not flow back into your water supply system. To learn more about backflow prevention, kindly visit the main source of the article.

One of the most effective plumbing tools that can prevent backflows is the backflow valve. Backflow valves are installed not just in residential areas but in commercial areas as well. There are different kinds of backflow valves and they come in different sizes and shapes. The right one for your property would depend on the hazard rating it is required to protect.

These valves require yearly testing by a licensed plumber who has Backflow accreditation to ensure they are operating correctly.  The test form must then be filled out each time and submitted back to the OTR (office of technical regulator) in South Australia.  Below is a picture of a Backflow Valve and a copy of the current test report I fill out each time I perform a test on these devices. To continue reading the article, simply follow this link.

Backflow prevention is something every homeowner should be aware of. It keeps your water safe and clean from unwanted contaminants. Backflows can also lead to structural damages in your property if left neglected for a long period of time. Thus, it is always wise to hire a plumber to assess your plumbing system regularly. Do not be too complacent with your current plumbing system as backflows could happen anytime.