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Water is one of the vital factors that affect the nutritional health. The human body is made up of around 70% water and in order to keep the body healthy, drinking sufficient amounts of safe potable water daily is a must. However, not all people are able to drink enough water each day. Aside from that, there is no guarantee that the water you are drinking is completely safe. Tap water, for example, is not generally safe to drink simply because it did not undergo a filtration system.

Water filters are devices that are installed alongside taps and other water systems to cleanse water supply. The water that comes right out of your taps may still have bacteria that can be harmful to your health. You will not be able to experience any sickness right away but after some time you will. What water filters do is they filtrate the water from any impurities, including dirt, viruses, and chemical content. Instead of passing directly to the water taps, the water first proceeds to the filtration system. You will be able to notice clearer water once you have water filters installed in your home.

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The Absorption filtration method in a water filter is commonly achieved by the carbon inside the filter which is highly effective at capturing water-borne contaminants. The reason carbon absorbs contaminants so well is due to it’s internal surface which traps chemical impurities such as chlorine through a labyrinth of chambers formed in the carbon. You can read the full article about water filters through this website.

If your water supply in the home tastes a bit different and has some kind of odor, it only means that the water is contaminated. Unfiltered water may even become cloudy, especially during heavy rains. This is the reason why it is so important to have a water filtration system in the home. It would be safer to use filtered water for drinking and cooking. Water filters can effectively remove any bacteria that can pose a threat to your health.

Ensure that the water you are drinking is clean, healthy and tastes great thanks to STIEBEL ELTRON’s range of water filters. We offer both a 4 stage and a 3 stage water filtration system. Our expert team can help you to determine which will best suit the water quality experienced at your home if you’re unsure. We also offer replacement water filter cartridges for both systems. The cartridges are colour coded and are simply pushed and clicked into place – it’s so simple, anyone can do it! To view the best water filtration systems today, simply click this link.

Water filters are already considered a basic necessity in most households today. Even though your unfiltered water supply looks clear, it does not mean that it is already safe to drink. It is always better to be more vigilant with your health through the use of water filters in the home. The installation of this device will not take very long. There will be no need for extensive labour which is why the cost of such service should not be that much. Call your local plumber if you need any help.

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Clean Water

If you’ve ever turned on the tap and wondered about the quality of the water coming out, you can be reasonably confident it’s been thoroughly tested before it reaches your tap, but is it good enough to drink?

Safe drinking water requires additives you can often smell or taste, such as chlorine, a disinfectant widely used by Australian water suppliers. Your water supplier’s website more than likely carries regular reports on its water quality.


Water Filter Cartridges

Aqua Safe are also stockists of a wide selection of water filter cartridges for all of their models and many other brands, which means no more time wasted trying to track down the right replacement water filter cartridge!


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