For many homeowners, there is nothing as stressful as burst and leaking pipes. This is a problem that is regarded as one of the worst emergencies that you can face in your home. When a pipe bursts, your entire home will be flooded and within no time, you will have a big water problem to deal with. This can bring a host of problems to your home, damaging electrical appliances, floors, walls, furniture, and can speed up the growth of mould that can with no time destroy y0ur entire home. Additionally, even the smallest leakages can attract pests, and make your home uncomfortable for you and your loved ones.
If you are looking for someone who will respond fast to your call when you have burst and leaking pipes, look no further. For many years, we have realized that this is a major plumbing issue that all homeowners have to deal with; hence we have invested heavily in equipment and qualified personnel to help solve it fast and efficiently.
Major causes of burst pipes
The main reason why burst and leaking pipes are prevalent is that they can be caused by a host of issues. So, what has caused my burst pipe emergency? It might be;
Homeowner damage
Sometimes, you can damage your pipes accidentally and cause a major or minor leakage. This mostly happens during landscaping or renovations of certain elements of your home.
Clogged pipes
When you fail to deal with clogged pipes early enough, the pressure will build up from the inside, and when the said pressure gets intense, the pipe will burst open.
Extreme weather conditions
Some weather conditions such as strong winds, swinging temperatures, and affect the ground around your pipes; thus causing them to shift and burst.
Tree roots
Trees are good for the environment but their roots can cause expensive damage to your pipes. In fact, tree roots are considered the major cause of water line damage. As the roots go deeper into the soil looking for moisture and nutrients, they will slowly squeeze the water pipes until they crack, and eventually, they will burst open.
Freezing water
When the water in your pipes freeze, the ice will expand and put pressure on the pipes. When the pressure becomes too much for the pipes to hold, they will certainly burst open.
This especially happens due to use of chemical drain cleaners. They corrode the pipes and propagate the development of weak spots that eventually lead to bursting.

Can you prevent burst and leaking pipes?

There are a number of tricks we have identified in order to help our clients deal with future burst and leaking pipes emergencies;
• With our professional help, allow us to insulate all your pipes with foam
• When you notice some cracks in your pipes that could expose them to cold air, call us and we shall tightly and skilfully seal them
• Whenever you have clogged pipes, call us for best unclogging solutions, but never at any one time use chemical drain cleaners to remove them.
• When you notice a clogged drain or toilet, call us for immediate action

Why are we the best?

For many years, we have offered diligent services to our clients, and this is why we are highly rated in both online and offline platforms. Our client population grows by day because we;

Respond fast

We know that burst and leaking pipes are problems that cannot wait a minute. For this reason, we have a team of professional plumbers waiting for your call in the dispatch office. We strive to offer 24/7 emergency services, and we shall come to answer to yo9ur distress call regardless of what time of the day or season of the year it is.

Are Licensed and insured

With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a licensed plumber who will ensure quality services whereas protecting you, your loved ones, property, and staff working in your compound through various insurances.

Give you a quote absolutely free

When you call us, we will assess the intensity of the problem, determine what is needed for the job to be completed successfully, and offer you a well-outlined quote free of charge!

Give 100% satisfaction guarantee

Before our plumbers leave your premises, they want to be sure you are fully satisfied with their work. In case you notice a leak after they have left, they will come back and solve it at no extra cost.
Keep your premises safe and avoid costly future repairs. Call us today, and become part of the most trusted plumber in the neighbourhood. Whenever you have burst and leaking pipes, always remember we are just a call away 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.